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Julie Burtnette (Des Moines Children's Museum) - 01/10/2018
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Julie Burtnette, Co-Founder of the Des Moines Children's Museum

Blue-level Today Club Status Award - 01/10/2018
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Congratulations to the Downtown Des Moines Kiwanis Club for achieving the Blue-level Today Club Status for the 2016-17 Kiwanis year!  This means the club's unrestricted gifts and the unrestricted gifts from our club members to the Kiwanis Children's Fund reached a per-member giving average of US $10.

Melanie Brown (Leukemia & Lymphoma Association) - 12/20/2017
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Melanie Brown, Executive Director of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Kiwanis World Getaway featured in Des Moines Register - 12/04/2017

The Kiwanis World Getaway and Kiwanis Miracle League at Principal Park were featured in The Des Moines Register! Thanks to Daniel Finney for writing a great piece! Read the article here.

Jeff Pflanz (Member of Peace Corps in Ukraine) - 11/15/2017
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Jeff Pflanz, son of Downtown Des Moines Kiwanis member Tom Pflanz, came and spoke to Kiwanians about his time with the Peace Corps in Ukraine.  Here is Jeff pictured with his father Tom (left) and Club President, Ryan Newton (right).

Kiwanis Miracle League featured on WHO TV - 11/11/2017
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Thanks to WHO TV in Des Moines for featuring the Kiwanis Miracle League and our Kiwanis World Getaway fund raiser! Watch the video here.

Lincoln High School Key Club - 10/25/2017
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Our Lincoln High School Key Club helped out with sorting items at DMARC.  Thank you Key Clubbers for your generous help!

Sarah Boblenz (DEA) - 09/20/2017
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DEA Diversion Group Supervisor Sarah Boblenz is an Iowa native and has been employed with the DEA since 2003.  She previously worked in Knoxville, Tennessee; and New Delhi, India.  She supervises inspections relating to recordkeeping and security of controlled substances.  She also oversees criminal investigations relating to the diversion of controlled substances.  Here is Sarah pictured with Club President, Justin Brady.

Corrine Grace-Reyes - Arthritis Foundation - 09/06/2017
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Corrine Grace-Reyes from the Arthritis Foundation spoke to Kiwanians about how common arthritis is, ways to manage it and research leading to possible cures.  Here is Corrine pictured with Club President, Justin Brady.

Chris Juhl - Animal Rescue League - 08/23/2017
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Chris Juhl from the Animal Rescue League came and spoke to Kiwanians about all their work in Des Moines, how they help the city with animal control and why adoption is a great way to find a new pet.  Here is Chris pictured with Club President, Justin Brady.